I am thankful for my mom.She helps me when I need it .She always make me smile.She will love me the way I am .

She will always help me.If i am sad about some think she will make me happy.If I fall or get hurt she will sing me a song.If I have homework she will help me some times.

She makes me smile whatever happens.If i am angry she will make me smile.If I am sad because something happen to the family or some one died she will try to make me smile.If I get hurt she makes me smile.

she will love we whatever way i am.If i am ugly she will love me. If I am angry she will still love me.If I have bad health she will still love me.

something abut remote learning

I don’t like remote learning.I can’t focus as well as in school.I can’t learn as well as school.Also if I have any questions it can take longer to get answer.

Focusing at home is harder.I have to take care of my dogs because their are always running around the house.My TV is there so is attempting to not watch some.There is more  sounds around.

Is easier to learn at  school. The teachers can explain the class better.Is not the same seeing your teacher in a screen then face to face,You can work in groups.

if you have questions your teacher will no be there beside you .If you have question you have to email your teacher and it may take minutes.Also they have to answer more questions . If the answer is not clear and you ask her again and it can take ever more longer.



some day i will be a mathematical.I will have many jobs responsibilities.I will need education skills.The job outlook sucks.

The job responsibilities.Will need to know how to count money.Also have to know hoe to count data sheets.Have to collect data.

Need education skills.Need an advanced degree.Also need a doctorate.need at least a bachelor’s degree.

The job out look.I will get paid $88,190 per year.Also i will get paid 42.40 dollars per hour.I like that you have to know about math.

I be a mathematical.i will need no collect data need a bachelor’s degree and get paid 88,190 dollars per year.I love math.

the dystopia

Tessie and Katniss are the same in some ways but different others. Tessie and Katniss both live in a dystopia. Tessie likes the lottery but Katniss does not like the lottery. They are also different by how the care about their family.

Tessie and Katniss both live in a dystopia. In their government they have to have a lottery each year.Also they have to kill someone each year.In both story’s someone has dies.

Tessie likes the lottery but Katniss does not like the lottery. Katniss said prim the staged to cry comes out of my throats and my muscle begin to move again. that shows that Katniss is wondering the lottery don’t pick her. Tessie feels normal about the lottery as long as they don’t kill her.

they are also different in how they care about their family.when katniss family was pick katniss stared being scared.also she said i volunteer i volunteer.how ever when tessie family was pick she said don’t take me take my doughtier.

Tessie and katniss are little bit the same but different others.they both lived in dystopisas but Katniss hated the lottery and tried to protect her family and Tessie did not. i hope you read this story’s by your self.

Why i think we should have Cesar Chaves in are school name.

I think Cesar Chaves should be on are school name. He did a lot to let Latinos farmer to vote.He protest with none -violent like Martin Luther king jr.He helped Latinos farmers to have better conditions.

He did a lot to let Latinos farmers to vote.He walked 340 miles.He was the leader of 67 people that is not easy.He try no not have violent.

He protest with none-violent. he just protest i did not burn any thing. He did not kill some one or hurt any one.He just walked.

3 things i going to change

In this new year i will like to change 3 things in my life.i will like to play less fornite because i’m getting to fat.i will like also to change is my reading skills because i want to get better grades.i will like to learn more soccer skills to be a professional soccer player.

In the new year I will plan less Fortnite. I’m  getting fat . I’m not doing well on my homework.I have to spend more time with my family.

I what to change my reading skills. I have to practice more in my house.I will pay more attention on class .I will try my best.

i want to learn more soccer skills.  I have to try hard. i have to send more time on playing soccer. I will pay more attention to the coach.

im thankful for

i am thankful for my house

its is the best house

i see my mom and my dad happy

i love how it looks

i am thankful for my house

i feel happy playing

i wonder i can do better

i try to not get mad when i lost

i can play with friends

i am thankful for my ps4

i know they are happy

i understand we are not together

i am fortunate because we are the best family

i dream we can be together

i thankful for my family .

the lottery

based on the word and actions of bill in Shirley Jackson’s  story the lottery i think he is exited about the lottery.

because he said ”shut up the” bill Hutchinson said.his wife said unfair, but bill think they should keep having the lottery.i concluded that bill feels exited about the lottery.


how to make word peace

I want word peace. we can stop using guns.  i think there should be just one country.  we can stop having religions.

we can stop using guns because they can kill people.people should stop selling them and people stop buying them.

i think there should be just be one country we should protest about it so  the president do something about it. and we should try to deal it . we should spret it out so people agree.

people should stop having religions we should tell the stop killing people for rituals. we should  do an event .  we should look for some one that can help.